How do we create a paper sculpture? There are many things we can do in order to be more effective. We can use scissors and glue or stapler in making one and making and there are so many things to do when making a good one.

Here is the technique. If you do not know what to do, get a picture. Turn that picture into a 3D figure.

For example, get a picture of a bird. Then create the body with dimensions or 3D. create a body by shaping the body of a bird by cutting papers and pasting them well. Make sure that the lines or the cuts are not that obvious. You may use glue to join the cuts.

Then cut papers and make feathers. Feathers should  appear realistic so the feathers should be arranged and glued properly. The beaks and the feet must be seen too realistically. If you want, you create first these and then create the body. Techniques depends on you. Cutting must be accurate for the position and where you have to put it. Otherwise, the appearance will not match it. The things you have to consider in cutting is the size of the object. The body size and the feathers must vary together so that you can be sure that the result will be good enough.

Next, you can color the bird as much as you want. Putting colors may also hide some imperfection and the lines or cuts that can be seen.

Then you will have to put some decorations you want to make it more beautiful.