The history begins in Japan commonly known as origami. Origami was spread throughout the neighbouring countries like Korea and China and this is the reason why many people think of how they can make a paper into a beautiful hand-made figure. Making this is the creation of a rich art.

The imagination works in this kind of art and this makes it possible children to create their own enriching their imagination and brilliant talent in arts.

This origami which has been practiced since the 17th century gave birth to paper sculpture, figures that are made of papers. Actually, origami is a paper folding and this was upgraded to making figurines made up of paper.

This is why people are fond of doing this making it as decorations at home. Some even go teaching this to children in the school making it a reason for evangelizing people. For example, a religious group visits a certain school and introduce the art of origami at the same time introduce their religion. These may be a fun to the pupils because they are fond of creating something new out of their hands.

This may increase also their social skill and level of visual skills. Now, it is very important to think of how we can make it possible to create some artworks like this by just crafting papers. In fact, by creating arts like origami, pupils can think of their dreams or what they will become in the future. This origami evolved through ages and time and now we can use things like jars made of paper.