Here are the most famous paper sculpture  artists. They are so lucky that their artworks are shown in the art world.

Li Hongbo is China’s Pride when it comes with all kinds of arts. There are many artworks he made such as paintings, paper sculptures, drawings and many more.

Haruki Nakamura is a Japanese artists who is famous for creating moving paper craft. As in moving, not steady. She is famous for these. Perhaps she will be known as the best artist due to her extinctive talent in the field of arts.

Jen Stark’s

Jen Stark works for paper sculptures in the United States. There are many things to talk about her as an artist. She paints, she draws and many more.

Ingrid Siliakus is an artist who is famous for her architectural designs like buildings and factories. She can create such an amazing 3D image through papers only. She is one of the most famous artists in her country.

Brian Dettmer’s

Brian Dettmer is known for complexity of artworks. How can he be creating an image through complex cuts? There are many artworks but the complex creation of images are really amazing. He has been trained as a paper artist since he was young so no wonder he could create such.

Sher Christopher is good for making figurines imitating characters in animated movies or cartoons. Can also be real life persons.

Bert Simons is best for his portraits. He is perfect in imitating real life persons face or appearance. It Is perfect when you shape the lips of a person exactly the same. How fantastic this is.